Friday, November 19, 2010

What Happened This Week?

Facebook Expected To Announced New Email Service Today -

- Facebook is at the forefront of the social media revolution and adding email could be the next step, breaking new levels of communication. It is not just email, it integrates IM, Texting and email all in one interface.

How the Network Will Make Our Cities Smart and Transform the World -

- If you haven’t heard, the Web 2.0 summit 2010 is happening in San Francisco. Many popular and forward thinking people are discussing future technology including Cisco Chief Globalization Officer Wim Elfrink. He discusses about future cities will be powered by ‘the Internet of things’ and how this will ‘save energy, decrease wasted water and traffic and lower crime rates.’

Internet Explorer inches closer to full launch, the possibility of a dominant comeback increases -

- Internet Explorer 9 is approaching and will need to bring a high-performance and user friendly environment in order to continue to compete with the other popular browsers such as Firefox, safari and Google chrome browser.

RIM compares PlayBook to iPad side-by-side [video] -

- The first true competitor to the iPad. Smaller, Java enabled and faster in some aspects. See the side by side video comparison.

Why Social Gaming Is More Than Just a Fad -

- To end the week, we have a very interesting analysis about how social gaming has evolved far beyond just a game. It is natively woven into and distributed via social networks — the Internet’s [and our] new gateway.

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