Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art on Photoshop

There is an awesome post on about how simple images in skilled hands can create mind blowing and awesome art! I have the top five that I found interesting shown below. See more at:

Snantlers (my name)
I love this picture because of the subtle change of the feelers of the snail. Many Photoshop images I find are a bit too obvious. This work might not the most difficult to do but it brings together the aspect of snail and deer living within the same habitat; both depending on the plants and living species in it. It is hard to remember that species like these two rely so heavily on one another in order to keep balance in the ecosystem.

This image brings forth the idea of the link between nature and the human species and shows a level of fragility between human and our environment. The human hand along with the brain is capable of great things but things that can also be very destructive. This work shows that our hands are capable of helping our environment prosper as much as we do as a species.

Home for Dinner
Very cool aspect shown through uprooting a house with a spoon. This work pertains to the declining amount of traditional home style family dinners or the change in family dynamics. There is an increasing amount of people that 'eat on the road' due to time constraints of given industries and society. At home family dinners are becoming a thing of the past whether it be due to kids moving out or social norms changing. When are we really home for dinner or is this generation taking the past necessity for eating at home out of the equation completely?

Addicting Keyboard (my name)
This is a comical representation of a serious problem coming up within a new generation of adolescents. We all know that chocolate is addicting and it releases endorphins to make us happy. We also know (and some experienced) that there is such thing as too much chocolate which results in an unpleasant sickening feeling. More and more young people are becoming addicted to online stimulation causing many social and physical problems. There is only so much time before this generation feels the backlash of a community too plugged in.

Rooted (my name)
This image brings back memories of when I was a kid and scared to death of the dark. I would rely on that night light to keep away all of the unseen scary things. As I grew older, I realized that I am still very rooted to what I have experienced and learned in the past which was shown to me by this light. All of us need this light in times of uncertainty within our life whether it be the courage to push on or your better half helping you along the way.

Again feel free to see more at:

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  1. Great new blog Kevin! Way to go!
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  2. Hi, I am here in the USA. Just followed your re-posting/commentary link from the original site where these stunning pictures are. Right now I am listening to Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. It is cool to read your take on these awesome pictures while listening to some cool music. Have a great day.