Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Daily Gumboot

I have stumbled upon a very intelligent, sophisticated, and well founded Vancouver based blog named the Daily Gumboot. The mission of the blog is to strengthen community bonds by bringing together interesting issues locally, nationally and abroad. For example, their latest blog post about the newest 'like' function of Facebook raises interesting implications involving our ease to express common interests between one another. Facebook has just made it that much easier to let people know what you like and where to find it. The rule of the blog though is to always remain positive about their posts. So when Theo (the author of the post) brings up the possibility of advertisers using this function to target an advertising market with you in it, she suggests that you "be smart" and "know what you’re opting into." I love the way the Daily Gumboot presents issues in an easy to read manner that raises questions which brings together the online and Vancouver community; one that is becoming increasingly cluttered. They also like pirates I am told, so watch yourself!

Check it out!

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