Monday, April 19, 2010

Congress Twitter Archive

I read a blog posting (there are many) here about the announcement of the complete archiving of all twitter 'tweets' from 2006 to now. From my view, there are many problems along with the benifits of creating this extremely large archive.

Twitter is an excellent source and record of social interactions between people. However, haven't you been told that most interactions between people are either dull, boring, or pointless to an outside reader due to lack of context. I know a few people that forget the vastness and accessability of Twitter on the internet, posting certain content that may be sensitive. Granted, those people should know that Twitter is a public social networking site with no privacy but do we really need to compound the situation by saving that information? I believe that old content on Twitter should be more protected either by automatic deletion or prompting the user every month or so about archiving their tweets. Not only that, but how is knowing what kind of spagetti that Jon Smith ate for dinner at all helpful for study of human interaction? If you would like to research how many times idiot was said in the last 4 years, this archiving is a good idea.

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