Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movement of TV Demand

I recently read an article on techvibes website here about looking into the future of the television. We know that television killed the 'radio star' as mentioned in the posting but are applications on smartphones/computer accessibility killing the 'TV star'?

Computers are becoming a necessity within the developed and even the developing world. People are catching on to the advantage of being connected to the world with a click of a button. Movies, TV shows, music, games, news, weather, and social networking all easily within reach of the common user. I am more than the average computer user, having 8GB of ram and dual screens running on my home desktop; however, I easily started and designed this blog in less than a week with little experience needed about building websites. I just want to emphasize that the demand for cable and satellite into the TV is beginning to diminish because of increased computer screen time and content availability on the net. Interestingly, I foresee a sustained demand for the television itself due to the ability to connect your computer to it!

Now not only can you be on your computer playing the new release of Assassins Creed 2, you can open your blackberry or iPhone and check your Facebook, Twitter and favorite blog posts. Applications in the smartphone network are shrinking the need for watching TV because you can get everything to your portable mini-computer anywhere you go! The increasingly connected society that we live in is becoming more and more impatient, needing instant feedback which smartphones and computers are designed for. This is not only causing the need and demand for television to decrease, it raises social questions such as a lack of face to face social time leading to social stunting in the population. Since the development of the internet and increased power to home computers, technology demand and supply have skyrocketed. We however have not seen the social backlash to its fullest extent due to these new radical changes. Times are coming where changes in technology will affect the way we operate as a community on an individual and social level.

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